What We Do

We implement 3 strategic steps to help you reach your goals

Social Media Audit

A social media audit is the process of taking an in depth look into your current social media channels, this will showcase how you are currently representing your brand and what you are presenting to the online world.

With this information we can take a closer look at the data through analytics, this information is incredibly important as it quickly identifies whether your brand is working correctly and as you have intended.

Content Strategy

With the details provided from your audit, we will have identified what is working and what is not; where your audience currently lies and who is and isn’t responding to your brand.

REC-Social will meet with you in person, during our consultation we will discuss, explore and answer specially designed questions. The data collected from this will help form a strong understanding of the brand and image you want to project and your intended goals.

Together we will create a plan as to who, where, when and how to target your ideal audience. Once we have this information we will set up relevant social channels that you may not already have or take on the role of admin for your current social channels.

We will create and use absolutely high-quality content that we know your audience responds to.

Growth and Management

This is key to success for your business to thrive online. REC-Social will grow and manage these accounts every day; ensuring only relevant information is shared. This daily commitment will guarantee your company will have a strong employer brand, will be engaging with your target audience, resulting in increased sales and profitability.

Start creating a strong employer brand today by contacting us right away.


86% of HR professionals say recruitment is becoming more like marketing.


50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay increase.