Want to go viral on LinkedIn? Do something good.

Most articles about going viral on the internet will tell you to aim at people’s base instincts — make them laugh, make them angry or shock them. But this social media manager went viral on LinkedIn by another means — being nice.

San Sunner, the founder of Rec-Social, a recruitment social media company, wanted to help her friend Helen. Helen had recently left her job, and had the unexpected stress that her partner had left her, so she now had a three year old son and no income. So she was a single mother of a young son that needed a job that fitted with school hours. San made a quick video while on the train on the way to work and posted it to LinkedIn, thinking that one or two associates might reach out with a job idea.


Within hours people started to respond in the comments with suggestions of employment, and well-wishes. The video started to rack up views, quickly being shared across the UK and then the world. Within three days it had over 19,000 views and still climbing. It seems that while social media is often castigated for feeding on people’s worst instincts, this story shows that people will also respond in big numbers to simply being nice.

Helen has now started organising job interviews and is on her way to securing a position where she can support herself and her son. And her friend San, along with many others, have had their faith restored the ability of being nice to get stuff done.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, it is on San’s LinkedIn account.