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Take Full Advantage of Social Media When Recruiting the Best Talent

The use of social media is on the rise, and the impact it’s had on virtually every industry has changed the way businesses operate. From Facebook ads, to Twitter and Instagram influencers and LinkedIn business connection opportunities, social media provide us with capabilities we could only dream of 10 or 15 years ago.

It’s been the same with Recruitment, where using social media is proving to be an efficient way to find plenty of competent candidates in a much shorter time frame than the process would usually take. Despite all this, many recruiters aren’t yet completely caught on with what kind of impact social recruiting can have. Let’s have a look at a few ways to take full advantage of social media when recruiting the best talent:

Find Both Active and Passive Candidates

According to Think Digital First, in 2016 there were 64.1 million people living in the UK, and 89% of the entire population used internet actively. After a 6% growth in social media users, it’s estimated that 38 million people actively use social media, with 92.6% of the population being on the internet regularly. These stats show the extent of the influence of internet and social media on our daily lives, but not all recruiters know that this impacts the Recruitment industry,too.

We know pretty much everyone is online nowadays, and with the increased online availability of job opportunities, recruiters will have a much easier time finding active candidates for a role if they look for them through social media. However, there are also great ways of finding and reaching those elusive “passive” candidates through meaningful interaction on social media,too.

Establish Credibility

One of the most crucial tasks a recruiter has is attracting potential candidates to the company. It’s the first step of the active recruitment process that can be made much easier with the help of social media. By selecting the most important company information to share through social media, you can ensure that the candidates know everything they need to know about the company — and help them conclude that it has credibility. That information may include the company’s corporate culture, the values that the organisation upholds, or even the little things
that make the work environment unique. This paints a picture of what it’s really like to work for the organisation — and it will draw in the people who could be the right fit.

Point Out the Value Proposition

But what happens once they are initially drawn in? Can social media help a recruiter influence the candidates to decide to apply? The answer is yes. While proper representation of the organisation is important, it’s not a recruiter’s only task. Even in marketing and sales, it’s usually the value proposition that convinces a potential customer to buy in. In the same vein, a recruiter needs to think about what makes the company good to work for — and what profile of employees would fit.

Then it’s only a matter of finding those candidates (a job made easy by social media), and delivering this value proposition in an effective way. Highlight the intrinsic value and special moments that candidates might have if they join the organisation, then promote those values through social media for maximum impact.

Finding the best talent to suit your organisation’s unique needs can be a challenge. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to find recruiting specialists who can assist you in that mission. This is what we aim to accomplish at REC-Social — help you find the best possible talent for your business. With over a decade of experience in the Recruitment industry, our social media experts can find and recruit the people who will fit in with your corporate cultures and uphold the values you stand for.
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