Young people sitting at a table using social media

Remember Your Manners

Being polite and your manners in general, matter online as much as they do offline. It stands to reason that you need to remain polite while you’re on social media, or anywhere else on the web.

As you are not meeting face to face with the person you’re talking to, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat them with the same respect you would in real life.

Manners Matter Online as Well

If you were taught how to treat people and be socially polite, then you already have the tools you need to do the same online. When you look at it like that, it becomes relatively simple. But you still have to be active in this process; maybe there are some things that you have yet to learn.

If that’s the case, always follow this general rule of thumb – treat others the way you want to be treated. If you expect someone to respect you in a certain way, then you must do the same for them.

Besides basic politeness, you should also always avoid saying bad things about others online. It can get tempting as it’s so easy to do, and there are no judging eyes around you. However, this comfort is not real, as judgement is even worse online than it is in real life. On top of that, everyone can see what you do online.

That brings us to the next thing – professional life.

Your Manners Will Affect Your Career

With the spread of social media and its role in professional life, our behaviour there starts to matter as well.

If you are your company’s representative, you must be professional online. That goes for others as well, because what you say online is judged by everyone else, often by influential people who can make or break your career.

Thus it’s imperative to remain professional on social media, and it’s important to remember that what you wouldn’t say in the office, you shouldn’t say online either.

Tips on How to Mind Your Manners Online

First of all, there are several things to remember about posts:

  • Don’t share your political opinions or thoughts on controversial topics. That can never end well as there are bound to be those who will get extremely offended.
  • Don’t share your drama and don’t post embarrassing things about yourself. The first makes you look sick and weak, the latter causes ridicule.

Besides posts, there are a few other tips you should remember:

  • Keep a positive attitude as negativity reflects poorly on you.
  • Confidential things about your job should remain like that. Don’t discuss important stuff with your colleagues publically. Confine that to private chats, emails, and phone calls.
  • Always consider how what you say will be interpreted in the eyes of others, because the nuances of speech don’t easily translate to text, and people might not understand something you wrote the way you meant it to be interpreted.
  • Remember that what you write online will stay there forever, unless it’s deleted by you (if you can).

Online manners matter much more than you think, and it’s essential to actively strive for politeness and keep it professional when it comes to work, as your career can be on the line.

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