REC Social-Interview with Managing Director Avi Kasmir-Kasmir Associates

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REC Social-Interview with Managing Director Avi Kasmir-Kasmir Associates

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REC Social-Interview with Managing Director Avi Kasmir-Kasmir Associates

By San Sunner

Introducing Avi Kasmir. The Managing Director of Kasmir Associates. Born in Amsterdam and raised in Manchester. Avi has always had a passion for innovation and business.

Now at only 23, Avi, has created a budding Recruitment and Talent firm based in Manchester; specialising in the Technology sector.

KA are a true example of a millennial business. Let’s find out what all the buzz is about, from the man himself:

Tell me more about Kasmir Associates?

I started KA two and a half years ago with a view to change the way recruitment is done in the Technology sector.

We are working in an industry where being on the younger-end of your career actually is an advantage, so I believe us “millennials” should use that to our advantage.

We pride ourselves on being experts within the Tech sector and being able to identify with the culture that is included in that.

What advantage do you see in being a “Millennial”?

Millennials have grown up, with far more of an integrated education when it comes to Tech. The generation before weren’t born with technology around them.

They didn’t have IT classes at school and the attitude towards computing and technology was very different.

Being tech savvy was regarded as being ‘nerdy’. No one really understood what it meant to code or programme. Now it is celebrated.

It is accepted as a relevant and successful industry. It is the fastest growing industry and us millennials are at an advantage because we have been immersed and raised with it.
Kasmir Associates Team-Manchester Office
Kasmir Associates Team-Manchester Office

You are having a lot of success for a new business, why do you think that is?

We work within the Manchester Tech Hub. It is amazing! We are surrounded and integrated with tech start ups and as a firm we have mirrored their structure.

We have identified what a tech start-up need. Department by department and then brought on recruiters who specialise in each aspect.

For example, we have Savannah, who focuses solely on Software Development. Adam, who specialised in Sales and Marketing for tech companies.

This has worked really well for us. It has meant that new start ups can come to us to help build their entire team and we can deliver.

How would you describe your company culture?

There is a Yiddish word, “Mensch” It means “a person of integrity and honour”. That is how I would describe our company culture.

We are good people, we value each other and work as a collective. I also, consider it another “millennial” approach to business.

We are proud to say we have had 0% staff turnover, within the almost three years that we have been running. We are rolling out a new offering in 2019. It is called “Do Something Interesting Fund”.

Each employee has a set budget to do something fun outside of work Whether it is taking flying lessons or starting a language class. We offer all the same perks as a corporate company but none of the hierarchy and stuffiness that comes with it.

Who is your inspiration or Mentor?

I wouldn’t say that I have an out-and-out mentor, however I would say that I always look to those who have built businesses successfully in the past and use them as my inspiration.

I think pretending that you are an expert and know everything you need to know is dangerous – “If you’re not sure just ask someone who does”.
Kasmir Associates Team-Manchester Office meeting

What has been your biggest obstacle?

Growing pains are definitely under rated. I was warned about this when I first started out and was talking about expansion. When you are growing at such a fast pace.

I can only compare it to a conveyor belt on a production line. Everything is being churned out quickly. Different things of different shapes, that need to go into different boxes and you do not have the luxury of time to respond.

We have to be fast thinking, fast moving all the time and all the while trying to stay true to our company culture and ethos.

We are achieving it but it isn’t without difficulty. Everything is new and there is no manual.

Company Growth-where are you heading?

We are looking to grow and open new offices in the UK. Within the next year, we are currently
looking at London. We are working globally now and that is set to continue and increase in volume.

We have had multiple approaches from investors but at this stage we won’t sell. It is exciting times ahead and we are looking forward to it.

If you would like to know more about Kasmir Associates then get in touch at: or TEL: +447874345128

Kasmir Associates

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