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Instagram: Recruitment’s Next Social Media Tool

Instagram is a social media platform often overlooked by recruiters. But San Sunner says it’s time this platform is taken seriously as a recruitment tool.

Social media has become part of our daily lives and gaining importance every day. We don’t only use it to stay in touch with family and friends – social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere. For this reason, it’s become a valuable tool for recruiters.

With nearly 1bn active users monthly, Instagram offers a plethora of opportunity for the recruitment industry. Todd Clarke, from social media management platform, says: “Over 90% of the Top 100 brands in the world are active on Instagram.” And according to digital advertising firm, “more than 200m users visit a business profile at least once daily”.

Instagram allows companies to establish credibility and promote their employer brand through highly engaging visual content. Here are four key components that will help you create a successful Instagram account for your recruitment company.

1. Relevant posts and relevant following

To have a successful Instagram account, special care should be taken when creating your visual content. You will need not only to create original and aesthetically pleasing posts, they also need to appeal to your ideal audience. Before you create your account, you must identify who your target audience is. Are you appealing to potential clients, candidates or employees? Once this has been identified, you can research what appeals to this ‘persona’ by looking at similar accounts that are achieving results. Always keep this in focus when creating posts for your Instagram account.

2. Use of hashtags

When using Instagram, it is imperative that your hashtags are relevant to your business. The correct hashtags will instantly attract attention to your brand. This is where you put the work in to find which hashtags have the biggest reach and are most appropriate. A great tool for this is Webstagram. It is a quick and easy way to find which hashtags are trending daily.

3. Engagement is key

Does your business Instagram page reflect your business culture? This is often ignored, yet is one of the key contributors to organically growing your account. Social media requires that art of being ‘social’. It is important to show your following that they are connecting with real people in order to create trust and an authentic relationship. It is easily achieved by liking your followers’ content, leaving appropriate comments on their posts etc. Remember, you are promoting your business but also your company’s identity.

4. Analytics

Analytics are a great tool for evaluating your Instagram insights. When creating your social media strategy, you would have established your core demographic. If you are reaching your desired audience, this will be reflected in the data. If not, you can tweak your posts and content accordingly.

With so many people being online and many of them looking for job opportunities, Instagram recruiting is quickly becoming more pertinent for those that are implementing this strategy and utilising the incredible reach that this social media platform provides.

San Sunner is founder of REC-Social, a social media company helping recruitment companies create and promote their employer brand on numerous social platforms.