Rec-Social Recruitment Pinterest Board

Five Pinterest Boards all Recruiters should be following

Pinterest is the overlooked social media platform for a lot of businesses, but it continues to grow and become a useful platform for all kinds of businesses, not just those selling physical products. Pinterest has a lot to offer recruiters, whether they are working for a recruitment agency, or in the HR department of a company.

Pinterest has easily become one of the anticipated IPOs in 2019, this visually-focused social network has become heaven for advertisers and brands of all sorts, which could be turned into more profitability with the upcoming IPO.

Here are five Pinterest boards to help any recruiter start using Pinterest to it’s full potential.

Recruitment @ REC-Social

Actually, all our boards are worth following 🙂 We pin both content from our website and pins from across Pinterest and the internet in general. If you are looking for tips relating to recruitment, employer branding or recruitment social media, follow us now.

Recruitment Marketing

A great combination of both examples of recruitment marketing and information on best practices. This board is sure to inspire your marketing efforts.

Recruitment Stuff

“Recruitment related bits and pieces with a marketing and digital industry slant”. There is a mix of pins with information aimed at both recruiters and job seekers, as well as some good quality management and leadership pins.


These pins are infographics and full of information relating to all aspects of talent acquisition including employer branding, recruiting, social media and advertising.

Work Stuff / Talent Acquisition

There is a mix of pins on this board including pins about productivity, leadership and quotes but here is also a lot of pins related to recruitment, with a recent focus on diversity in recruitment.

Do you have Pinterest board you would recommend for recruiters?