5 Ways to Instantly Promote Your Employer Brand Online

Attracting the best talent today is not an easy thing to achieve. The economy is talent-driven,and it’s not easy to get the talent you need before someone else attracts them.The best way to become the one that entices the talent from other recruiters is to improve yourorganisation’s employer brand. We can help you with that with these five easy ways to instantlypromote your employer brand online.

1. Proper Definition for Your Message
The voice of your brand, of your company, matters a lot, which is why you need to define thetone of voice in your message correctly.Your message is critical in attracting talents, but it has to be clear and to-the-point. Also, youhave to make it consistent across the company.

2. Technology Needs to Play a Key Role
It’s all about the tech these days, and rightly so. Technology helps every sphere, and it can strengthen your employer brand as well. It provides you with better communication channelsand improves the overall candidate experience.The entire talent finding and recruitment process can be enhanced with the help of softwaretools like Candidate Relationship Management programs and Recruitment Marketing Platforms.

3. The First Impression is Key
In many spheres, especially in the recruiting industry, first impressions are crucial because youcan benefit greatly by creating an emotional bond with the candidates.In the digital world, the best way to make a strong first impression is to create a header imagethat displays your employer brand in the best light possible. The header image is the first thingthat every job seeker will see, and if it’s a good one, it can leave a lasting positive impression onthat person.

4. Use Different Platforms
When searching for talent, you need to be where they are. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook,Pinterest, or Instagram, you need to be present on every social media platform where youbelieve your potential candidates are. Depending on who you’re targeting, you need to visit specific platforms (for example, the younger talent is best reached through Snapchat.) If you don’t know where to find them, you canalways hire professionals who will teach you all you need to know.

5. Employer Brand vs Corporate Brand
The world is increasingly interconnected, and there’s no more need to separate things. Thesame goes for your employer and corporate brand – it’s much better to connect the twobecause both will benefit.People often tend to connect things, and you can lose a potential recruit because they don’t likeyour product. Some 25% of UK job seekers have stated that they have either stopped orpurchased less from a brand because they had a negative candidate experience. It’s thusessential to connect your employer and corporate brand and create a clear and positive imageof your entire organisation.These are only five ways which will help you to promote your employer brand instantly, but thereare more. We at Rec-Social can show you more tricks and help you out with your recruitmentefforts. Contact us at (+44) 02033895217, and we can start improving your employer brand.